I have one mission:

To help you turn your passion into a business so that you can leave the day job you’re just tolerating.

Life’s too short to settle!

my life purpose and how that can help you…

Hi I’m Laura,

{Creator / Fearless Leader / Founder} of My Journey to Fearless.

My superpower is helping people to find their passion and life purpose.

Put simply I love it. I love experiencing those a’ha moments with people when they realise what it is that they are meant to do with their life. It’s so rewarding and it makes me so happy! Plus it’s awesome that once people find their own superpower they can go on to use it to change other people’s lives!

The reason I’m really good at helping people to find their passion is because of the journey I went on to find mine. It was a rollercoaster of a journey, filled with highs and lows, and mistakes and panic.

But I figured it out (eventually!) and now I help others do the same (but quicker and easier!) using a special process I’ve created!

I’m on a mission in 2020 to help 200 women to find their passion and life purpose so that they can use this to create an amazing life for themselves free from their crappy/just about tolerated/soul-sucking [insert appropriate word here] day job!

…and even better…

…if your passion turns out to be starting your own business then I can teach you how to get started and how to grow your business big enough to replace your day job income (and beyond!)

Choose One of the Options Below to Get Started…

The Fearless Family Membership


The Fearless Family membership brings together everything you need to create an alternative to your day job, but in a step-by-step way that teaches you how to build a solid, successful business alongside your job until it’s ready to become your full time income.

Build a business you love, that has longevity and can help make your wildest dreams a reality.