This is the question I’ve been getting asked a lot lately from people who are unhappy at work and who have plans make their side hustle into a full time business.
Should they stick with the job they have that they aren’t happy in?
Or should they get a new job?
As with everything it does come down to personal preference. I can’t tell you what to do one way or the other however I can share with you my own experiences of trying nearly every competition under the sun!
  • I’ve had a full time job and a business at the same time
  • I’ve reduced my hours and worked part time whilst working on my business
  • I’ve quit the job I hated and went all in on my business
  • I’ve decided that business wasn’t for me
  • I’ve taken new work in a temporary role whilst growing a new business
  • Then finally become an entrepreneur!
I’ll tell you a secret. It all comes down to mindset. Mindset is the key to everything. You need to do whatever you can to create the strongest, most positive mindset that you can at this time.
If you stay
If you’re considering leaving your job then there’s obviously something about it that isn’t making you happy. It might be that your job is really un-rewarding or it is just so boring that the time drags and you just feel fed up. Maybe it’s bad for your mindset and the working environment is toxic.
The chances are that if you stay then this would continue.
If your job zaps your energy – I’ve been there, it’s awful. I can remember leaving work feeling mentally drained and barely able to do anything but binge watch Netflix when I got home. However eventually I got sick of just talking about the business I was going to create, but not actually doing it! I just decided that I needed to suck it up and just get on with it!
I told myself that I needed to work on my business for an hour every night after work, even when I felt tired/unmotivated. If I wanted to make my business a success I was just going to have to get on with it!
This is why it’s so important to have a side hustle that you’re passionate about. That will keep you going!
If you leave
Looking for a new job is going to take your time away from your business/side hustle in the short term. Plus starting a new job is exhausting, so initially you will probably feel just as drained as you do in your current job! Ask yourself these questions:
  • Are you interested in what you would be doing in this new job?
  • Will it challenge you? Would it be too challenging?
  • How long do you need a job for? When can you go ‘all in’ in your business? Is it worth the stress of changing jobs?
  • Is it free from the things that make you unhappy in your current job?
If you are happy growing your audience for you business whilst working and think you will need to work for at least a year then I would say it would probably be a good idea to change jobs. If you find a job you enjoy then your mindset will definitely be better once you’ve settled in and that’s only a positive.
My Experience
I’ve learned that making a decision and doing it is the best thing you can do for your mindset. If you’re working in a job you’re not happy in, thinking about how you can grow your business quickly so you can leave and then also job hunting and thinking about new jobs everyday, its too much! Your poor head is going to be so overwhelmed and exhausted with all of this going on! Would your mind be better focusing on making your business a success, rather than wondering about whether you should change jobs?
I’ve tried almost every combination including reducing my hours to work on my business 1 or 2 days per week.
What I found is that escaping the job I hated was great for my mindset in the short term, it gave me a new lease of life, and working somewhere new that I felt valued was a huge confidence boost.
However, I found that working part time I wasn’t using my time out of work very well and I didn’t get much more done! I would treat my days out of work like days off and not days to work on my business. I think this was because I wasn’t ‘all in’ on my job or my business and I found it hard to constantly switch between the two.
I actually found in the end that working full time in a job I hated motivated me to work harder on my business (and use my time better) so that I could make sure I escaped once and for all!
It’s a tough decision and I know it’s exhausting thinking about it all! What I will say though it’s all just an experiment – try things out and see what works for you. If you do reduce hours or change jobs then this will definitely help you to feel braver and less scared abut leaving the 9-5 all together. It might actually be a nice stepping stone to taking the leap. The people who tend to find it hardest to leave the 9-5 are those who have been in the same job for a long time, and have become too comfortable. Pushing yourself to take a little step now could actually start you on the path to leaving and you will never look back 🙂
The most important thing to remember is that mindset is key to everything so do whatever you think is going to help you get back to a strong positive mindset and then you can create the success that you want.

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