I recently sent out a quiz to my audience and the results haven’t really shocked me, they have just made me feel both sad and angry about the situation that people, like me and you, find ourselves in, in our jobs, through no fault of our own! The last question on my quiz is ‘is your job making you ill?’ and these are the results! A staggering 73% of people said yes. Is that you too? If so then read on…
Is this you? So you have a job and you go to work everyday because you need to pay the bills. But your working environment is toxic. Or your job is just so boring. Or maybe you’re constantly overlooked for promotion. Or you’re bullied at work. Or your manager is just terrible at their job (maybe their job makes them ill too?) There’s no room to be creative. No fulfilment. No meaningful purpose to it (that you can find anyway!). Its. Just. Not. Your. Passion. One or more of these things mean that you’re drained everyday, exhausted when you get home, stressed and probably anxious too. Because you’re busy juggling life, work and your escape plan, you don’t take as much time for self care as you should.  When were going through stressful times or attempting major life changes we need to do a huge amount of self care to make sure we don’t end up beaten by it all. You might be thinking but I’m so busy juggling everything – when do you expect me to make time for MORE self care? I’ll let you into a secret. Its not about finding more time. Its about knowing which stage of the process of leaving the 9-5 you are in – yes there are stages – and focusing in on that. Making sure that your main focus (outside of life and work) is on the particular stage of the journey that you are in, until you have ticked off everything. Then you move to the next stage. These are the stages – which one are you in?
Let me explain in a bit more detail. Mindset is the key to everything right? If you want to be successful, have the confidence to start your own business, grow it to replace your income and then leave the 9-5 behind then you need a strong positive mindset. If you don’t have this in place then there isn’t much point in jumping ahead to try and make a strategy for how to make everything else happen. The chances are if you do that your mindset will keep holding you back. You will doubt everything you do, you wont make decisions, you will procrastinate, you will let the fear win. Get the mindset piece right first and everything else will follow! Its the same if you don’t have clarity on what exactly it is that you want to do for a business and why you want to do it. You need to spend time working through the clarity stage so that you know what your strengths and weaknesses are, you know what you enjoy doing, you’ve analysed your past jobs/decisions and actions to find the breadcrumbs that are telling you what your purpose is and what you need to do with your life.  If you don’t have this nailed down then you will end up starting a business for the money or because your friend has a similar business and is having success with it. THIS IS A MISTAKE. If you’re going to go to the effort of starting a business so that you can finally say goodbye to your 9-5 and design a life on your own terms then that business needs to be based on your life purpose and your passion! This is the only way you will be able to make it through the tough times in business and the days when you just want to quit. If your job is making you ill and you are asking yourself what you can do about it then take a step back. Figure out which stage you are in. Focus entirely on that stage and YOURSELF. I know its tempting to jump to the end, launch something and hope for the best, but in doing that you are using up a lot of precious energy potentially doing the wrong things.  When we are miserable in our jobs and they are making us ill we don’t have energy to spare. Every moment when we don’t feel drained and exhausted is precious, so we need to make sure we are doing the right things with our time. The quickest way to escape the job that is making you ill is to work through these stages from start to finish, no cheating, no skipping the hard bits. If you do this then you can turn the decision to leave the 9-5 into a step-by-step plan. It then becomes exciting rather than confusing and scary. If you want to know which stage you’re in and what you should be focusing on then click below to take the quiz!

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This blog introduces the ‘stages’ that I have come up with that form the whole journey from 9-5 to entrepreneur. These stages are what my membership site will be structured around.
It is designed to take you from feeling ill/burned out/miserable in your job through the MINDSET work, getting CLARITY on what it is that you want to do, putting a STRATEGY (step-by-step plan) into place, learning the BUSINESS BASICS and then taking ACTION to make it a reality!
I’ll be opening up the membership to a small number of founding members very soon! I’m super excited to show you all what I’ve been working on!

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