How do I find my purpose?

Are you driving yourself crazy trying to find out what it is you really want to do with your life? Do you feel like you have never been able to find the answer to this question no matter how hard you’ve tried?

I was in this exact situation until recently too. I’d drifted into an admin job after university and I was all fresh with a positive attitude.

  • I worked hard and volunteered for extra responsibilities, however that promotion or pay rise always eluded me.
  • I became disillusioned with the company, I was bored every day and I started to feel like I was being taken advantage of.
  • I felt that they took advantage of my good nature because I was one of those people who would put themselves forward as a volunteer and I was generally a positive person. I would tell myself that this time I would be recognised, this time someone would realise what I had to offer and they would give me a more challenging role where I could develop. It didn’t happen.
  • I would wish my life away to the weekend or my next holiday, I’d sit in meetings thinking there must be more to life than this.
  • I’d allow the negativity in the office and the low staff morale to bring me down and I would go home at the end of the day feeling drained. I didn’t have the energy to think about what I was going to do to get myself out of that situation.

Eventually I hit rock bottom. I became stressed and this caused anxiety. I basically burned out. I was signed off work for the first time in my life and the company I worked for offered me no support.

I needed a plan. I knew I needed to get out of there and that I was meant for so much more – but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t seem to work out what that was! It took me such a long time to find the answer, but when I did it all made sense and I realised that elements of my other jobs and other experiences in my life has been clues all along!



How to find your purpose

I started by looking at the skills I have from my career experience:

  • I was always offering advice to my colleagues and helping them solve their problems (could I be a coach or a counsellor? No, I didn’t want to do that).
  • I was great at making relationships with people and speaking to people (should I go into sales – no!).
  • I loved organising things. I was one of those people who had everything in my Outlook calendar and loved juggling everything to make it fit (should I be a PA, no, I didn’t want to do that).
  • My managers always complimented me on my writing skills (should I write a book? Maybe one day!)

I then also looked at the other things I’d done in my life:

  • I had dropped out of uni but then went back to study via distance learning and had completed my degree whilst working full time (I knew I loved learning! Yes – one thing I knew I loved!).
  • I had started a hobby business alongside my admin job and really enjoyed the idea of working for myself (yes – something else I knew I loved!).

I also looked back on my childhood and what people would say about me:

  • I was told I should be a teacher on more than one occasion (I knew I didn’t want to be a teacher).
  • I was also called bossy! But I could later see that this was because I was always organising everyone and I was a natural leader.

When I started to put all of these things together things began to fall into place!

…I could teach people somehow, about what I did to escape my soul destroying job, to help them work through the problems they were experiencing, by running my own business, which would require me to learn (a lot!!), be a leader and be super organised, and also to write blog posts (like this one!)…wow!!

There had been little clues all through my life that had been pointing me to what I needed to do. Suddenly it all made sense and the next part of my journey could begin.

What clues are there throughout your life?

 What clues are there throughout your life that could be telling you what you’re meant to do? Take a pen and paper and work through the different aspects of your life:

  1. What were you like as a child? What did people tell you as a child? What did you want to be when you grew up?
  2. What are you good at? What hobbies do you have? What causes are you passionate about?
  3. What do you enjoy about your job/previous jobs? What amazing skills do you have to share with the world?

Can you see any patterns?


How can you learn more?

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