Are you trying to make big changes in your life but you don’t have the luxury of stoping everything else that you’re doing while you make the change? Join the club! Whether you’re working in the 9-5 and trying to study in your spare time, or whether your setting up a side hustle or just searching and applying for new hobs to change your career I’ve got some tips that will really help you make the most of the time you do have. These things have really helped me to start a business whilst working full time. Hands up if you think routines are boring? Do you think of routines as just for kids? Were you desperate to leave yours behind when you went off to uni? Ditto. In fact I went a bit too far with letting the routine go and didn’t make it to very many lectures in my first year! I bet lots of you can say the same! Its taken me years to realise that trying not to have a routine because ‘routines are boring’ has actually been having a detrimental effect on me! I’ve found that I’ve taken a lot longer to get stuff done because I didn’t have plan of what I needed to do! Nailing that routine down Now I’m not saying you have to plan out every hour of your life – far from it!! I just have a morning routine that I follow before work and a nighttime routine that I do before bed. I’ve also carved out an hour each evening to work on my business. Simple right? Do you have a morning routine? Or do you just get up with enough time to get dressed and leave the house? My morning routine takes just 30 minutes and I do this as soon as I get up, before I have breakfast.
  • I meditate for 10 minutes (HeadSpace is a great app for this)
  • I do a guided visualisation for 10 minutes (I do one for success)
  • I do my affirmations for a few minutes (I have these saved to a photo album on my phone)
Doing this helps me start off the day with a great mindset, feeling calm and relaxed and it also looks after my mental health too. Everyone has such busy, stressful lives now that I think maintaining your mental health is so important! Before I go to sleep I:
  • Spend around 10 minutes writing in my journal (or longer if needed – just until I feel I’ve gotten everything ‘out’)
  • Read until I’m ready to go to sleep. I choose to read a non-business/educational book at night so that my mind can switch off and relax. The last thing I want to do is read a book thats going to get my mind racing just as I want to go to sleep!
One last thing Doing the above will help you to be happier and healthier in what you do everyday, but if you’re trying to make a change to your life you may need to add in a little more time to work on that. For example I am building a business while I work full time. So the routines above keep me functioning well everyday, but I need to add extra time for working on my business. I decided that for me doing one hour of business work each evening would help me achieve my goals so much quicker. So I work on my business from 7-8pm Mon – The (Friday is date night). I also spend a couple of hours on Saturday morning writing my content for the week ahead. If you’re studying as well as working you might plan in an hour each evening for that, or if you’re looking for a new job you may plan an hour a couple of times per week to search for jobs and an hour here and there to work on applications or your CV. If you’re serious about making changes and you want to make them quickly then you have to get tough on yourself and make a routine. But even with a routine there is still plenty of un-planned time left for you to be spontaneous or to while away on social media 😉 Self Care Challenge If you want to learn more about the things I do in my morning and evening routines then check out my FREE self care challenge – I choose one topic to teach you about each day. So you can learn how to make affirmation graphics that you can save to your phone or how making a dream board can change your life! Just click below to join us on the 10 day challenge!