If you’re just starting on your journey and you’re not yet clear on what you are planning to do then I’m sure you can relate to this.

Dreams to reality

You’ve been dreaming of owning your own business for years now and you am done dreaming and are ready to make it a reality. 

So you’ve tried a few things in the last few years to spark something into fruition but you never seem to get very far.

You have an idea, get excited, do research, spend hours/weeks planning your logo, brand and what you want to offer and for a few weeks even a couple of months you’re pumped about it!

Here come the doubts

But then your brain starts to take over and doubt crawls in and things start popping into your head. Such as:

“there are so many businesses that are already established doing this with so many followers, why would anyone buy from you” 


“ what are you thinking? You don’t have enough knowledge to do this. You’re not an expert. You should stop waisting your time” 


“ you have a full time job and a family you don’t have time for this. You won’t have time for your kids” 


“ this is too expensive to get started, you don’t have enough money to do this” 

Then the panic

Then there’s the panic about how much there is to learn and how much you still don’t know…

“ how do I build a following?” 

“What do I have to offer?” 

“Do I even have anything interesting to say that will make people want to follow me?”

“Where do I even begin?”

How can you make your dream come true?

Your dream: To be an entrepreneur and make a difference in peoples lives and live your life on your own terms.

Re-frame your doubts so that you can move past them.

I think everyone worries that they don’t have enough knowledge or that they aren’t an ‘expert’. Or gets imposter syndrome when they see all the people who are already running similar businesses with big followings. 

I talk about this a lot and I love to share this quote:

“There will always be people in the world who are more advanced than you, that’s fine, you can learn from them. But don’t let that stop you from helping those who are a chapter or two behind you” ~ Russel Brunson

This is one of my all time favourite quotes. It really helped me overcome imposter syndrome when I was asking myself “who am I to do this?” when I started out on my business journey.

Often we think we need to be an expert in order to be able to share our message with other people and its just not true.

  1. Is anyone ever an expert? What qualifies someone as an expert? I don’t think any of us are ever ‘experts’ as we’re all always learning and that’s how it should be. We should never stop learning and improving.
  2. Just because you are less experienced than someone else it doesn’t make what you have to say any less valid. Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20. What you have to say is really important to the people who need to hear that message now. The chances are your audience is different to these more experienced people anyway as they will be at a different point on their journey.
  3. It can actually be a huge benefit to be closer to where your audience are on their journeys – how often do you read content from these entrepreneur ‘superstars’ whose achievements are so huge that you feel like you will never get to where they are? Your audience will love you when they see that you are just a couple of steps ahead, because they will be able to relate to you and you will be able to remember what it’s like to be in their shoes!

Play the long(er) game. 

I’m not saying that this option has to take forever. But if you want a business with longevity and you want to find the right balance between your day job, family and business then setting realistic expectations is important. If you truly want to be an entrepreneur, make a difference in peoples lives and live your life on your own terms then it takes time.

Your business isn’t going to be an overnight success. And that’s ok! You are going to have to put in the work – but that makes sense for the kind of life you want doesn’t it? That amazing life as an entrepreneur where you have the ability to design a life you love isn’t going to just be handed to you.

You can absolutely build a business while working full time and making time for your family. In fact you can get started with just 1hr per day! I share my two favourite time swaps here to help you find that ‘golden hour’.

Keep it simple (and inexpensive)

Don’t get pulled down the rabbit hole of thinking you have to spend hours/weeks planning your logo, brand, making a website, getting everything perfect before you start.

Just start. It costs very little to start to grow an audience and that’s exactly where you need to start. When you’re getting started you don’t need to worry about a fancy website or creating an awesome brand or spending hours creating a logo.

Keep it simple. Start with things that are ‘good enough’ and then you can up-level everything over time. Remember that those other businesses who are on their ‘chapter 20’ didn’t have that branding or that website or that logo when they started out.

Free things you can do now:

  • Open social media accounts for your business
  • Create a basic logo on Canva 
  • Create templates to use on social media on Canva
  • Start writing content to share on your blog or social media
  • Think about your business values – what do you stand for?

Low cost things to do next:

  • Buy a domain name for your business
  • Create a basic website so that you can publish your blog:
  • you can get hosting for a few $ each month
  • WordPress itself is free
  • I would suggest buying a theme such as Divi to make your life easier when building the website…
  • …and then maybe a WordPress template to make your life even easier – then all you need to do is customise everything! You can find loads of these on Creative Market and Etsy.

See how far you can get with creating your online service-based business for very little investment?

The beauty of doing this while working is that your day job can be your first investor! It’s a great way to help you change your perspective on your day job and put a positive spin on it.


  1. Reframe your doubts – say goodbye to them
  2. Play the long(er) game – start with your ‘golden hour’ each day
  3. Keep it simple – start with the free and low-cost things and up-level as you go

If you do these three things you are going to set yourself up to win.

Final thought

You’ve got this. You can absolutely make your dream a reality. There is nothing more special about those successful people you see who are already doing it and you. They are simply a bit further along their journey and they didn’t let the doubts, worries, and fears stop them!

Every time you find yourself doubting your ability. Stop. Recognise it for what it is and then start telling yourself the opposite.

Now go and make a start on pulling that dream life closer to you one day (and one golden hour) at a time!

How can you learn more?

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