Do you often find yourself so exhausted by just getting through your day at work that you get home and all you want to do is sit on the sofa and binge-watch Netflix?

Yep! I get it! I’ve been there. My job would drain me mentally and emotionally every day so that I would go home and feel like I could just fall asleep in two seconds! I would start the day with great intentions and have plans for working on my business when I got home and nine times out of ten I just didn’t do anything! I made excuses and I let myself off the hook and because of this I stayed in my day job a lot longer than I would have needed to if I had just put in the work.

It’s ok saying that though – ‘you just have to put in the work’. But its a different story when you’re exhausted, fed up and burned out.

I would sit at my desk at my day job thinking:

…’this is a waste of 8hrs, there are so many more important things I could be doing’?..

…and also…

…’if I could just work out how to earn x amount of money from home then I could quit – quick lets do the maths and see if it’s possible…’

…and also…

…’when I get home I need to do x, y and z for my business’ (cramming way too much onto your evening and having unrealistic expectations)…

…and also…

…’I’m so sick of the way things are done in this job. It’s laughable and the decisions make no sense’ (substitute your most common thought about your job here)…

Do you realise by doing this and letting your thoughts run wild you are actually draining yourself mentally and emotionally? I didn’t realise this for years and when I did it made so much sense!

Your poor brain is trying to focus on work, but you’re asking it to also concentrate on the office politics, your escape plan and your business plans or escape plan too, all at the same time!!

No wonder you go home drained every night – do you think you could be the cause? It’s difficult to admit that you could be causing yourself to be so drained – it might not be the reason for all of you, but for me this was a huge part of the reason!

I’d been my own worst enemy by not getting control of my thoughts and letting them rule me!

So instead of letting your thoughts run wild try telling yourself that while you are at work you will just focus on work. You will focus on your business at home and you won’t waste your time going over and over the office politics.

Try it and see how your energy responds! 

Bonus tip:

If it’s your work colleagues that are draining you with their negative attitude then try imagining there is a bubble around you that no one else can see, but this bubble means that any negativity that comes from your colleagues, whether they are digging into the office politics again, or moaning about your boss or complaining about something else, just bounces off the bubble and heads off to bother someone else. No negativity can get to you through this bubble and your energy is going to be preserved. Next time you’re in this situation give it a try and see just how well it works!

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