How to Find Time to Escape your Day Job

Do you struggle just to get through your day at work? Do you feel like your job is a waste of 8hrs of your life every day? Do you wonder how on earth this became your life? Do you know you want to escape but you wonder just how to find time to escape your day job?

One of the best ways to cope with your day job is to know you’re working on your escape.

During those times at work when you’re wondering just how this became your life and you’re feeling like this is such a waste of 8hrs, it can be so reassuring to know you are working on an escape plan and it’s only a matter of time before you can leave.

Just knowing that you’re taking steps towards leaving your 9-5 can make those moments a bit more bearable. 

You can tell yourself ‘yes today is crap and I wish this wasn’t my life, but I have a plan and this is only temporary’.

So how do you make this happen?

It can be hard to find time to work on your escape from your day job – I know, I’ve been there!

However, I have a challenge for you!

Set aside 1hr per day THIS WEEK to work on your escape. This is the first step to finding the time to work on your escape.

So whether that’s 1hr per day to work on your business, or whether it’s 1hr per day to work on yourself, your mindset and personal development…look in your diary and set aside 1hr on each day of this week RIGHT NOW.

Download and print your weekly planner (at the bottom of this post) and decide today when you are going to spend your 1hr each day working on making your dreams a reality.

Will just 1hr per day work?

1hr per day is 7hrs per week which is at least 28hrs per month. Imagine how much progress you could make towards your escape in 28hrs. In 1 year this is 365 hours of time spent making your dreams a reality! Imagine the progress you could make in those hours. It’s time to work on your escape!

My two favourite time swaps to easily find your 1hr each day:

Tip 1: The easiest way to find this hour each day is to watch an hour less TV each day. That’s it! 

Tip 2: My second tip is to get up an hour earlier each day and use that quiet time to work on your dreams. Doing this at the start of the day means that you can use your full energy to work on your own dreams before it’s drained away throughout the day whilst you are at your day job working on someone else’s’ dreams! Your dreams deserve priority.

Bonus: What if you did both? That’s your progress instantly doubled, so you can leave your day job in double-quick time!

These simple swaps can not only make your life at your day job more bearable but also sky-rocket your progress to getting out of there!

What should you spend your hour doing?

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Work on your business (creating content, marketing, networking, planning the future)
  2. Personal Development – work on yourself and your mindset 
  3. Learning – podcasts, an online course, reading books
  4. Create an awesome morning routine – Miracle Morning is awesome.
  5. Explore your passions and how one of these could become your business
  6. Exercise

Free Download

I’ve created a weekly planner for you to use to plan your week, but also to identify your one hour per day to work on your dreams.

How can you learn more?

I’m going to be running a week of FREE coaching and workshops very soon to help you create your own personalised action plan to make your dream of leaving your day job a reality…

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