Do you ever feel that if you could just figure out the answer to this question then you could finally start to take those steps towards your dream that you can picture so clearly?

Feeling so, so stuck

Yet this can feel like it’s just not figureoutable, like no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to get that clarity you need.

It was like this for me for my whole life – I chose the ‘wrong’ subjects at school – I took them because that’s what the smart people did, not because they interested me. This led me to the ‘wrong’ degree. To me not enjoying university and to me dropping out. This led me to panic and to get a job so that I was at least earning money until I figured out what I wanted to do.

11 years later

Somehow 11 years passed and I didn’t really know how I had ended up in this job that I had grown to hate. I had just sat in my comfort zone and stayed there – not challenging myself and just letting my job suck my confidence and self-belief out of me. I ended up a shell of my former self and I didn’t really recognise myself anymore.

Breaking point

I had to reach breaking point before I was pushed to do something to change my circumstances. I ended up suffering from stress and anxiety because of work and my doctor signed me off. This was the first time I had not worked since I was 14 years old. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was lost. I had no confidence and I didn’t know how to fix it.

This one thing changed my life 

While I was off work I went to therapy and my therapist suggested that I try activities I used to enjoy as a child. I remembered how I had loved reading as a child and how I would stay up late to read when I was supposed to be asleep and how I would wake up extra early to read before school.

So I started to read again. Along the way, I discovered personal development books and books all about things I had never heard of before. Self-care, affirmations, visualisations, and becoming an entrepreneur! Something clicked in my mind. This was it. I was meant to be an entrepreneur and have my own business.

How you can find your passion and make a business from it

Step 1: Identify your passion

Grab your ‘passion finder’ worksheet and answer the questions 

Step 2: What do you want your life to look like when you are a successful entrepreneur? 

This will guide you on what kind of business model will suit you.

Are you a creative who needs to produce beautiful artwork or crafts? This will mean you are tied to a location as you will need materials and the ability to post your creations.

Or do you want to be location independent? Then an online service-based business might suit you.

Do you want the stability of recurring revenue in your business? Then maybe a membership site is the way forward.

Do you want to work closely with people and take them through a topic more in-depth? Then an online course or 1:1 coaching might be the best fit.

Step 3: What transformation can you create in people’s lives?

Successful businesses create transformations in people’s lives – whether that’s from your customer’s experience of buying a beautiful product from you or whether you’re actually helping them change their own life.

How can you do this?

Did you know you already have the knowledge and experience to do this? Check out another blog post here that will give you some ideas:

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Once you know your passion, what kind of business model you want and the transformation that you want to create in people’s lives then this is your starting point. 

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I’d also love you to share in the comments:

1. What your passion is

2. Which business model will work best for you

3. The transformation you want to help people make.