Still looking for your life purpose? Do you often wonder how you ended up where you did because it feels so far away from where you want to be?

I had lots of lightbulb moments when I compared my life journey so far to a flight path. Sounds random? Bear with me!

Being even just a few small degrees, of course, can easily lead you far from where you intended to be. For example being 1 degree of course for a short period of time (say a flight from New York to Washington) won’t leave you too far off course this could translate to you choosing the wrong college or degree program, but then realising this in the second year and making an adjustment, or you start a job that you quickly realised isn’t for you and then correcting your course by finding a better job. Yes it’s inconvenient and you might be a little bit annoyed at yourself that you didn’t get it right first time, and if you’re anything like me you’ll feel annoyed that you’ve ‘wasted’ that time when you didn’t get it right. However, its quickly remedied and we have to remind ourselves that it’s ok to make wrong decisions and this is how we learn.

However what if the flight wasn’t a flight from New York to Washington, what if it was to the other side of the world? Being just 1 degree off track on a 20-hour flight to Australia would land us in another country entirely, or the middle of the ocean! So far from where we wanted to end up. What if you chose the wrong career and before you knew it 10 years had gone by and you were so far off track with where you wanted to be that you couldn’t even remember where you wanted to be in the first place!

What if you fell into societies expectations of getting an education and then getting a job and working until retirement, but on that path, you had to choose a college program and a career path – two huge life choices. What if you got one of them completely wrong? What if you got both of them wrong? What if you ended up more than 1 degree off track? 

What if you’re now feeling so far away from your passion that no matter how hard you try to work this out you just can’t seem to get there?

As the years have passed you’ve become comfortable with your situation, even if you’re not happy, you’re comfortable because you at least know what to expect every day. You go to work, do what you have to do, come home, probably drained and try your best to have a life outside of work, but you’re tired and feeling stuck and unhappy and that new series on Netflix is calling you. So you spend a lot of time watching TV and sitting on the couch. You feel like you’re living the same day over and over again, and even worse the same year over and over again!

You’re wondering how this happened? How did this become your life?

Surely there must be more to life than this? Surely you’re meant for more?

If only you could work out what that is! You’ve thought about this a lot over the years and have tried to think about what your passions are, what kind of career you should have, or whether you should go back to school and learn something new. Because we were raised to get an education and get a job, so when you’re trying to figure out what you should do you keep defaulting to these two things – get a new education or get a new career.

Have you ever thought that maybe you can’t figure this out because these aren’t the right pathways for you?

Have you ever thought maybe you’re meant to have your own business and design the life you want to live? 

This might be a really scary thought for you because this wasn’t an option that was shown to you as a child or in your life so far. It means giving up that monthly paycheck which can seem so comfortable that it’s almost addictive! It means taking big steps outside of your comfort zone and forging your own path. It means choosing a different path than your friends and family. It means putting your ideas out there in the world and having others see your work. 

These things are really scary, but being an entrepreneur also means freedom.

  • Freedom to choose when you work and where you work from without having to ask for time off or negotiate with your colleagues.
  • Freedom to grow your business as big as you want to without having to wait and hope your boss decides to give you a pay rise.
  • Freedom to design your own life, your day, week and year, just how you want it. No more horrendous commute or working late or working weekends. You can take back control of your life and start living life on your own terms.

So the big question is – how do you work out what kind of business you want to have? How do you know this is the right choice for you, and how do you get started?

So I’ve designed a workshop to take you through a series of steps to help you get those ‘aha’ moments you so desperately want.

Over the course of a week I guide you through a series of activities, fun challenges and questions to help you find all of the pieces of the puzzle, think of it as a treasure hunt, but the treasure we’re looking for is the little clues that are scattered all through your life that are trying to guide you to your purpose. They often get drowned out by all of the noise and chaos in our daily lives or trampled on while we try to just keep going.

Then once we have the pieces of the puzzle we will start to put them together so that you can see a clearer picture of your alternative to living Groundhog Day in your 9-5.

We will use the pieces of your puzzle to look and see what kinds of businesses would suit you and how this can work with your passions.

At the end of the workshop, my aim is for you to leave with a huge grin on your face feeling like you’ve had a breakthrough and you can use this to take back control and start living life on your own terms. 

Let me give you those ‘aha’ moments that you so desperately want so that you can go back to work the following week smiling to yourself and with a reassuring feeling in the pit of your stomach that everything is going to be ok because this is only temporary and you have the beginnings of an amazing new journey that you are about to embark on.