About us.

We show women how to find their purpose and passion so that they can start their own business, work at something that lights them up and escape the 9-5 life.

If you have been trying to find your purpose for years and keep coming up against a brick wall then don’t worry – we have tools that can help you get those ‘aha’ moments you so desperately need!

We are standing up against those employers who don’t value us.

We’re not waiting for those pay rises or promotions that never happen.

We’re not wishing and hoping that they will finally recognise us for the work we do.

We’re taking back the power.

We’re not settling for the life we have. We’re striving for more.

We’re pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones to learn what we need to succeed.

We’re creating an empire for ourselves that not only provides a living, but provides freedom.

Freedom to work from where we want, freedom to work when we want, freedom to earn what we want…

…and all the while we’re doing this by helping others. We’re sharing our talents with the world so that others can benefit from our knowledge and experience.

Everyone has the ability to make money doing something they love. The hard part is working out what your passion is and then how to make some money from it!

We’ve got you covered!

days since i gained freedom from my 9-5

important lessons learned


My Story.

Everyday I would walk into my office building feeling heavy, like a weight was on my shoulders. I would start to imagine what would happen that day. I could feel the chaos and panic as the managers flapped around barking instructions and my heart started to flutter and beat faster. I felt the dread wash over me when I saw my manager walk back from the daily meeting and I knew they were immediately going to tell me to stop what I was doing and start something else. I could feel a knot in my stomach and I could feel the anger rise inside me at how ridiculous it was that this was a daily occurrence. There was no leadership, no strong management and no clear direction. I could never feel pride in achieving something because I was never allowed to achieve anything. The goalposts were moved everyday and staff morale was rock bottom.

I could feel the energy being sucked out of me when I imagined my colleagues depressed conversations about decisions that had been made, kind of like when the dements suck the life out of Harry Potter. I could feel the fog descend into my brain that numbed my emotions and made me feel like I was living the same day over and over again.

I knew deep down that this wasn’t how I wanted my life to be, that it wasn’t ok for me to feel like this. I knew in the pit of my stomach that I was made for more, like something inside was just telling me this…

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our values

1. We will keep it real and will share the TRUE picture of what this journey looks like

2. We will help our clients get things done in the easiest way possible – by sharing as much knowledge as we can and keeping things simple

3. We will re-invest into our clients by giving them the opportunity to join our team to help them on their journey

4. We will Build a strong community of women who are on this journey together

5. we will inspire by Sharing stories of others womens journey’s