What My Journey to Fearless is all About

I’ve created the space within these pages as a space to come to escape the overwhelm from your day job and where you can discover there is another option for you.

You don’t have to settle.

Everyone deserves to find their passion and purpose in life and to spend their time doing something they love. If this isn’t you yet then don’t fear.

This space I’ve created will set you on the right track.


Do you ever feel like:

*You keep holding yourself back and feel angry with yourself for doing so?

*You have plenty of ideas for what you could do as a business but you’re scared to put yourself out there?

*Or you have no ideas and need some help to discover your passion and purpose?

*You’re at a point where you just tolerate your day job because you have bills to pay, but that’s it?

*All of this has been weighing a lot on your mind lately and you just need a push to get going?


Here’s the thing…

It’s not easy deciding to make a change in your. life. You’ll have lots of doubts, worries and fears to overcome. 

At the start you won’t know what to do first…

…you might not know what your passion is…

…you might not know what kind of business you want to start…

…you might not know the first step to take…

That’s ok. It’s completely normal. Everyone starts somewhere.

That’s where My Journey to Fearless comes in. I’ve created resources to help and support you when you’re right at the start of your journey.

Each one of us has something special, a superpower, but not many of us get to discover it, and even fewer of us get to share it with the world and help others.

I want to change that.

1. The Blog: Check out the blog for answers to your biggest questions and tips and advice to help you with your day job, finding your passion and starting your business. You can read the blog here.

2. The My Journey to Fearless Podcast: Coming in early June! I’ll be sharing the stories of women who have found their passion, started a business and left their day job to inspire you and show you just what’s possible for you too…

3. The Fearless Family Membership: An online community of women who are all building businesses based on their passion and who are working towards leaving their day job’s. Get the knowledge and support you need to succeed! You can find out more here.

4. Free Resources Library: Download resources to help and inspire you:

  • 9-5 survival guide
  • Leaving work at work guided visualisation
  • 20 business ideas you could start right now
  • Take the quiz: What’s really stopping you leaving your 9-5?

5.  Breakthrough Session: work with me 1:1 and we’ll spend an hour (we can accomplist a lot in an hour!) working through your biggest problem and coming up with a solution! These sessions are great if you need help to find your passion or if you need help choosing the right business idea for you. Find out more here.

My story begins three years ago (June 2017) when I finally left my job of 11 years to jump into this new adventure!

My Journey to Fearless was created in May 2017 and I chose the name because I was about to embark on my own journey to becoming fearless in pursuit of what I wanted. I started a blog (the same blog I have now) to document my journey and share my experiences.

Fast forward to 2020 and I now help people to do the same through 1:1 coaching, workshops and in my ‘Fearless Family” membership.

I love what I do and I am so glad I took the leap – but the journey was not straightforward…

Feeling Stuck

I’d been stuck in my day job for 11 years, growing to dislike it more and more as the years passed, knowing I should do something about it, but not having a clue what else I could do.

The more I thought about it and tried to find my passion, the more difficult it seemed to be! I found myself frustrated, fed up and resigned to living the same day over and over again in my day job.

Pushed to My Limit

But then something happened that pushed me to my limit and I was forced to do something about my situation.

I’d been coping ok with working for a company where constant (and chaotic) change was a reality, however one day it got too much for me. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack at my desk. I took my manager aside and told her how I was feeling and her response was to roll her eyes at me like she didn’t believe me.

I’d worked hard for this company for 10 years and when I needed support from them there was none. As a result my mental health declined and I ended up signed off work for a few weeks.

Hitting Rock Bottom

I hit my lowest point. I was struggling with stress and anxiety so I went to see a therapist. One of the things she asked me to do was to think of something I loved to do as a child. After some thought I remembered I loved reading. I would wake up extra early in the morning to read before school and I would stay up late at night to finish a chapter or a book.

So I looked for books that might help me figure out how to change my situation. This is when my personal development journey began.

Diving into Personal Development

I dived into the world of personal development and self care and gradually my mindset started to shift. My eyes were opened to all the possibilities that were out there for me and all I had to do was figure out what it was that I wanted to do.

Here Comes the Tricky Part

How would I find my purpose?

I started by looking at the skills I have from my career experience:

  • I was always offering advice to my colleagues and helping them solve their problems (could I be a counsellor? No, I didn’t want to do that).
  • I was great at making relationships with people and speaking to people (should I go into sales – no!).
  • I loved organising things. I was one of those people who had everything in my Outlook calendar and loved juggling everything to make it fit (should I be a PA, no, I didn’t want to do that).
  • My managers always complimented me on my writing skills (should I write a book? Maybe one day!)

I then also looked at the other things I’d done in my life:

  • I had dropped out of uni but then went back to study via distance learning and had completed my degree whilst working full time (I knew I loved learning! Yes – one thing I knew I loved!).
  • I had started a hobby business alongside my admin job and really enjoyed the idea of working for myself (yes – something else I knew I loved!).

I also looked back on my childhood and what people would say about me:

  • I was told I should be a teacher on more than one occasion (I knew I didn’t want to be a teacher).
  • I was also called bossy! But I could later see that this was because I was always organising everyone and I was a natural leader.

That a’ha moment!

When I started to put all of these things together things began to fall into place and I began to think…

“…I could teach people somehow, about what I did to escape my soul-destroying job, to help them work through the problems they were experiencing, by running my own business, which would require me to learn (a lot!!), be a leader and be super organised, and also to write blog posts…wow!!”

There had been little clues all through my life that had been pointing me to what I needed to do. Suddenly it all made sense and the next part of my journey could begin. I felt a huge sense of relief wash over me that I had finally found the answers I had been looking for for so long.

And then My Journey to Fearless was born!


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My Journey to Fearless’ Values

1. We will keep it real and will share the TRUE picture of what this journey looks like

2. We will help our clients get things done in the easiest way possible – by sharing as much knowledge as we can and keeping things simple

3. We will re-invest into our clients by giving them the opportunity to join our team to help them on their own journey

4. We will Build a strong community of women who are on this journey together

5. we will inspire by Sharing stories of others womens journey’s