I'm Laura and it's my journey that you've been reading about...

Let’s Begin Your Journey to Fearless…

You’re feeling stuck, fed-up and bored with your life, but know it doesn’t have to be like this. 

You dislike your job and feel un-valued.

You live life on fast-forward, not taking care of yourself and just waiting for your next holiday.

You’re not willing to feel like this anymore.

You need someone to show you how to escape and start living your dream life.

That’s exactly what I’ve done, and I’ll show you how!

In a Previous life (just 6 months ago!) I was stuck in a job I hated where I wasn’t valued. Feeling fed-up, stuck and stressed out. I didn’t take care of myself at all (I didn’t know what self-care was!). I spent my life looking forward to my next holiday, working overtime in a job that made me miserable, to earn the money to have an amazing holiday, to escape the job that made me miserable…crazy huh?

Fast-forward six months and now I’m Laura Dixon proud owner of My Journey to Fearless and I show people just like me (back then) how to escape and start their own journey to fearless!

The biggest secret that I have learned is that the answer to all our problems lies in us just needing to take care of ourselves more. To learn to love ourselves.

While suffering from stress I started to learn about self-care. I hadn’t heard this term before. I started reading books to learn as much as I could and started putting it into practise.

As a result, I’ve completely changed my mind-set. I’m no longer stressed. I’m no longer anxious. I’ve lost weight. I now exercise 5 times a week (I used to do no exercise!).

I’ve been able to see what I really want and I now have the confidence and self-esteem to go and get it!

If you want to boost your confidence, self-esteem and create a more positive outlook on life then I can show you how I did it!


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If you want to know more about my life outside my business… 

I’m from Carlisle, Cumbria and I still live there today. I’m an entrepreneur and have recently escaped from my career of over 10 years to pursue my passion in inspiring women to overcome fear and live their dream lives.

I love to travel, love my dog (she often features on my Instagram here), my husband, family, and I love good food. I have also recently discovered a (secret) love for Disney World following a recent holiday.  I’m a fan of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Neighbours (what a mixture!)

I’ve been known to spend all day in a combination of my pyjamas and then my workout gear as sometimes it’s just easier when you work from home!

I am on my journey to fearless!