This is not okay!

I asked a group of people what made them finally quit their jobs and these were some of the responses. Now take a deep breath before you read them as there is some pretty deep stuff here. 

I am furious that this is happening to so many of us and it’s time to take a stand and stop settling.

The majority of these responses show just what an impact our jobs can have on our mental health.

If this is you, know you are not alone. 

  • You can take back control.
  • You can work out what your dreams are and make a plan to bring them into reality. To start something for YOU that means you can leave all of the crap that comes with your 9-5 behind.
  • If you don’t know what your passion is yet, that’s ok. I’m going to help you figure it out.
  • If you have your passion but you need help to grow it big enough so you can leave your 9-5, that’s ok. I’m going to help you to do that too.

So here is the list of when people knew they had to leave their 9-5.

when I had to talk myself out of bed every morning to go to my job”

“I wanted to stop being a doormat”

“I ended up in the hospital with burnout and severe depression”

“when it caused me stress and anxiety”

“I was miserable going to work”

when I spent 11 hours a day away from home and working for someone else”

when I started medication from stress”

when I cried in the parking lot every day for 3 weeks straight”

when I was having panic attacks at work and then when they started before work”

“when I would dread it every day when I woke up in the morning”

“when I would dread waking up on Mondays and would have to pray in the parking lot before work”

when I realised that I was counting down the days until the next weekend, break etc…in reality I was counting away my life”

“when they stopped appreciating me”

when I was miserable every single day”

“when the passion was no longer there”

when I cried everyday on the way to work”

when I couldn’t take the toxic work environment anymore”

“I knew when I had to answer to people who should never have been in their positions”

“I wish I knew before my breakdown”

when I realised management didn’t care about their employees”

when my mental health was on the line”

when I had to choose between my job and my health”

when I began to have anxiety attacks at work, I was miserable, stressed and always angry”

when I seriously started contemplating crashing my car so I wouldn’t have to go”

when I realised I was working really hard to make someone else’s dream come true and not my own”

“when it felt like my soul was literally dying”

I’ll say it again. This is not okay.

You spend 8, 9, 10 or maybe even 12 hours a day at work. It’s not ok for it to make you feel like this.

As far as I can see you have these options:

  1. Do nothing. This is definitely not the right choice to make – you are made for so much more and if you can’t see that yet then I am going to show you 🙂
  2. Try to resolve the issues. This may work, but if you’re connecting with these comments then you’re probably past the point of no return. Don’t let that panic you. You’ve got this and you can choose either option 3 or 4.
  3. Look for another job. No job should put your health at risk. So if you can relate to the comments about stress, anxiety, crying in the parking lot and going to the hospital or getting medication then you should definitely draw a line under it. Stop settling. You’re worth so much more. Go and look for another job and get yourself out of there. This is your immediate fix. for a long term fix, you should check out option 4. (you may also benefit from seeking professional help – so visit your doctor and see what they can offer. At my lowest point I had Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and it worked wonders for me!)
  4. Find your passion and turn it into a business so you can stop dealing with all of that crap at work, feel relieved that you never have to go back and excited for the future. 

If you don’t know what your passion is yet or what kind of business to start, or how to even start a business – I can help!

If you know your passion or have your business idea but need help to get it all set up and that money coming in I can help!

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